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Default Re: V-Drum Hardware (throne, pedals, hi-hat stand, etc)

I use DW5000 and 9000 hardware. I love all of it. But you can't go wrong with top of the line Pearl, Tama, Gibralter stuff either. You really don't need top of the line anyways. In my experience the mid level hardware isn't really any different performance wise. The big money stuff is a bit sturdier for road use. I tear down/set up my hardware alot. so I need something that can handle constant turning of the screws during set up and bouncing around in a trailor. I need my stuff to work. And DW5000/9000 takes a beating.

sounds like you're probably not taking this stuff out on the road so don't go too nuts with the hardware. I too have a TD15 for practice kit and if you're like me, electronics are going to end up costing a small fortune when GAS strikes. (in a good way though. lol)

good luck with the playing. have fun.
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