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Default Amazing tone difference with X-10 sticks

So I'm not a drummer, my son is, but I pay for most of the gear since he's 11.
He cracked a tip on his Vic Firth Weckl's playing closed hi-hats, so I ordered some new sticks on Amazon.

Saw some Aquarian X-10 graphite sticks for under $10, and figured why not, maybe they'll last forever. I can't comment on whether they'll last longer than the wood tipped sticks, but I am stunned at how different they sound from the wood and nylon tipped sticks. On the drums, they sound the same, but on cymbals, it's chalk and cheese.
If I made up a tone scale, hitting the same dot on his ride (602) or crash (HHX sound control), I'd say Wood tip is a 1, Regal nylon is a 2, Nylon is a 3, and the X-10's are seriously a 10.

It's just such an amazing tonal difference I had to mention it here. Has anyone else had experience with something like this? I'd post a sound file, but I don't know how. In any event, it's an impressive difference in tone, and I've told my son to only use the X-10 sticks on his pad or when practicing snare pieces. Seems like maybe they're too hard to hit cymbals with.
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