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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Hideous business. I don't think the murderers have done any favours for their fellow African migrants, many of whom are no doubt just regular people hoping for a good life.

I'm thinking that each killer should spend life in solitary confinement with no visitors. If they go into general prison population I can imagine the tensions between Muslim and skinhead inmates breeding a hotbed of extremism, just waiting to be released on the streets.

I guess the only answer is for people to persevere and keep going about their business.
I know most Muslims support freedom, democracy, secular rule of law and human rights. I get it.

But the radical Islamist/Jihadist minority is what concerns me. For whatever size that minority is, they are very anti-democracy, anti-human rights, anti-woman, anti-homosexual and more. This minority blows up buildings, throws acid in womens' faces, set women afire, has sex with 10-year-olds, butchers people in the streets, cuts off hands and feet as punishment, stones homosexuals to death, beheads its critics in public and destroys schools. This minority runs society in many lands and its members flood into mature, tolerant, First-World democracies and refuse to adapt, instead pressing for the destruction of that democracy and imposing barbaric religious laws. This minority sees no distinction between the state and God and will kill anyone who opposes them.

So I'm concerned about this minority.
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