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Default Re: Drum Recording...

I can't help you much, but I'll tell you what my plans are. I've got a top notch kit, and cymbals, but I've never acquired any recording, or sound reinforcement gear. I recently bought a used Zoom Q3 HD recorder. New ones are $300. For me it records the drums pretty good. Next I'm planning on getting a used mixer, or drum mics. Whichever I find first, that I have the money for. I'm not quite sure what a interface is. but that might be in there too. I've read that a lot of people use them for recording. I'll be looking on Craig's List. When I see something, I just type in the name of it in the search bar on this forum, and read what people have said about it. You can do the same with anything that you want to know about, on this forum. Good luck.
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