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Default Re: 20" Kick Drum head port hole

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hi dennis,

if you are able would you consider selling one of your mic mounts to me for my re20?

was also wondering which brand of the heavy based kick mic stands you use and recommend? it seems there are many brands.

maybe some or all made by same company and distributed under several different names.


Sorry Dan, I have three of these mounts and I wish I would have gotten a couple more. The one mount I keep to use with my Stedman N90, I use one here at my home studio and one goes on the road with me. There's probably many others that will work well with the RE20 and I'm always experimenting with new ideas. If I find one, I'll let you know.

The particular stand in the photograph is made by Proline, the model number is MS112BK. I also use a very similar stand made by On Stage Stands, that model number is OSS MSA 7040B, it has a 16" boom. One other low stand/boom combo that I primarily use as a floor tom microphone stand is the On Stage Stands OSS MS 7311B. It's about twice the height of the 7040B.

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