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Default Drum Recording...

Hello, I know some people might see this as lazy but it's honestly because I have very little knowledge on the matter. Well, I suppose I could always learn more, but I figured why not ask first, and if I get no help, then research (I have done a little personal research, but not confident in determining prices/value yet).

ANYWAYS, I'm interested in getting started with recording drums along with other instruments. However, I'm not sure where to start with buying and stuff. So, I was wondering if someone would want to just do a quick scan on my local craigslist and let me know if there's a good deal to snag up. If not, maybe let me know on where to buy some used, solid mics, or even what solid ones would be. I assume I would also need another interface, as I only have a Tascam US-100 USB 2.0 Audio Interface right now. And just using software like Logic or the like would be ok for EQing and adjusting sounds right? Any help is appreciated. Basically, any information for this newb would be awesome! Thanks.

P.S. I'm trying to go as cheap as possible without completely throwing away quality.
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