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Default Drum transport?

One of the issues holding me back from joining a band is the transporting of my drums. I don't have a car, so I would have to rely on public transport. I need some . . . efficient methods. Other people have separate bags for each drum, a hardware bag, and a cart, but in my situation it's just not a viable option.

I have a small kit: hi-hat and stand, piccolo snare and stand, cymbal stand, jam block (which is on the cymbal stand), cowbell, bass pedal, and 16" floor tom (which I use as a bass drum).

Is there any way to transport all these items in one bag? I tried a hockey bag, but the floor tom won't fit. I was thinking of using a large suitcase, and lashing the hi-hat stand onto the outside using some sort of chord - if they make suitcases 16" deep. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

Help would be much appreciated (suggesting a suitcase drum set is NOT helpful, however. I would like to keep my drums set-up as I already have them).
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