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Default Re: Evans EC2 Rivals?

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
Pinstripe=EC2? Depends on which EC2 you mean...

The original foil ring EC2s were very Pinstripey, and much more consistent in my experience (as a Pinstripe user & Remo endorser for many years.) I used to say that the EC2 was the head that the Pinstripe wanted to be. In fact, that EC2 was one of Evans' top-sellers.

But, Evans changed the EC2, using a lighter (ink?) ring in place of the foil. The head is different than it was, more like a clear G2 now, and no longer comparable to the Pinstripe. If there's a Remo counterpart, I'd have to say it's a clear Emperor.

Why not just stick wtth the Evans? If your OCD was really that bad, you'd call it CDO. :)

Maybe I'll have to try some Pinstripes again to see how I like them this time around. For the record, I really prefer the new EC2s to the older ones. I hated the old ones, but since the change, they seem just perfect for what I like. I would probably stick to Evans, but I just can't find a head that does a snare justice for me like a coated Ambassador. No matter how many different snare heads I try, I just keep coming back to it. My toms are due for a change soon, so I'll probably grab some pinstripes and see how they fair for me. I know a lot of people swear by them. And I think I just figured out why I hated them.. Because everybody that I've ever known to play Pinstripes didn't know how to tune their drums. I always saw Pinstripes on awful sounding drums and just dismissed them. I'll certainly give them another shot. If they don't work, I'll just have to stick to Evans on my toms and Remo on my kick and snare. Thanks for the input, folks
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