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Originally Posted by Bill Lumbergh
I'm ashamed to admit that my own personal sexism was brought embarrassingly to light when I heard Blackman playing an insane solo... the first think I asked the friend who played it for me was, "who is this guy? He's insane!" To which my friend replied, "it's no guy, it's a girl -- Cindy Blackman." Blew me away.
I wouldn't feel ashamed about that. How many female drummers are at the top of the music scene. Heck, how many musicians PERIOD?

I'm not commenting on Cindy Blackman simply because I've not heard or seen her stuff (although I wouldn't mind being exposed to some of her work).

But usually chicks get too much credit for too little ability / talent. Would Hillary Jones be on the Modern Drummer DVD from 2003? if she were a guy? I don't think so. I doubt we'd even know her name.
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