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Default Re: Evans EC2 Rivals?

Pinstripe=EC2? Depends on which EC2 you mean...

The original foil ring EC2s were very Pinstripey, and much more consistent in my experience (as a Pinstripe user & Remo endorser for many years.) I used to say that the EC2 was the head that the Pinstripe wanted to be. In fact, that EC2 was one of Evans' top-sellers.

But, Evans changed the EC2, using a lighter (ink?) ring in place of the foil. The head is different than it was, more like a clear G2 now, and no longer comparable to the Pinstripe. If there's a Remo counterpart, I'd have to say it's a clear Emperor.

Why not just stick wtth the Evans? If your OCD was really that bad, you'd call it CDO. :)

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