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Default Re: Brand new Ludwig my heads really suck?

I actually had an opposite experience very recently. I just got a new set of Ludwig Vistalites in the big-beat shell pack. The toms came with clear Ludwig "Heavy" heads on top and bottom. These are basically Ambassador-weight clear heads. They tuned up well and sounded very good with the factory heads. Of course, I did what all drummers do, and wanted to buy all new heads for the new drums. So I bought an Evans EMAD 2 for the kick batter, and clear G2s over G1s for the toms. The kick turned out killer with the EMAD. It was all boomy and bouncy with the Ludwig factory head. However, I rushed in and changed all 6 tom heads, only to find that I did not like the G2s, especially on the 16" floor tom. It just seemed to rob the drum of volume and sustain ... so I switched all 6 heads back, and quickly got them back to where they were, when I liked them. Maybe it just depends on the drum, but my general conclusion was that my new drums like the ringing sustain of single-ply heads, and in this case, the "Heavy" Ludwig heads fit the bill.

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