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Originally Posted by CAMILOSTATIS View Post
New to the forum, first off, good to be here.
Quick question, I notice alot of lower end kits are all the same kits but rebranded..for example the alesis dm6 is basically the ion pro drummer kit, and the medeli dd506 is also osp digital and legendary...3 different companies but the same kit? what is the purpose of this?
Also what is your opinion on what the best entry level kit is for under $400? I dont need anything special for now, just something to control software like addictive drums. Thanks
First off, to clarify, you are talking about electronic kits. There are acoustic kits as well, and they actually suffer on the very low end from generic rebadging as well.

And that's what it is. Very few manufacturers actually manufacture the lower-end stuff themselves. It's some third-party company in Taiwan or China making them. They send 2,000 to Alesis and 2,000 to Ion, and they rebadge them at the warehouse and send them out.

For under $400, getting something that can actually be used as a controller... whoo, best of luck. I can't think of one off the top of my head, but maybe used in your area?
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