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Default Re: YANOG! (Yet another New old guy) thread here.

Thanks everyone!

I've been burning up the search function for the last few days, so I don't start off with too many stupid questions. For example: "Which budget cymbal pack should I buy?"

I picked up some G2 heads for the toms today. Hopefully that will make it easier to tolerate the PowerBeats Cymbals/Hi Hat mess, while I scour Craigslist & ebay. As much as I want to replace them today, it will probably be a huge waste of money... and I ain't got lots of that.

On another topic...
Were my hands always this slow? Can't be old age, can it?

I'm wicked fast on my steering wheel "kit" in my truck. But the Gas/Hi Hat pedal gets me in lots of trouble. :) (I'm a Lefty, that sets up "backwards")
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