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Default Re: I'm just a "feel" drummer so I don't need technique, right?

I think it's safe to say that technique is referring to how you move the sticks with your hands, and the footpedals with your feet. So it's a physical thing.

These threads pop up a few times a year and they're always the same. Nothing gets resolved. I can't believe I'm even posting in it.

One thing I think we can all agree on is it's better to have good technique AND good feel.

Comparing myself to myself, my feel and technique are vastly improved from 10 years ago. Feel can be learned, I'm proof. My feel now is vastly improved compared to when I first returned to drumming in 2003. I attribute that to recording EVERY gig and listening back and critiquing myself. There's no way I would have improved if I couldn't evaluate myself later on. I think feel is harder to come about than technique. Technique can be taught because it's a physical skill. Feel on the other hand is a mental/soulful thing that is not as easily taught. It's much more subjective. I mean you could be playing something with the exact right notes to groove, but if you're laying into your ride too much (for instance) it ruins the feel. So it's not the notes themselves, but how you play them. Inner kit dynamics and all that. You have to want to groove, and for me, I had to let go of the "I have to impress" mindset. It was not serving me well whatsoever. And the paradox is that once you shed the need to impress, well that's step #1 in actually impressing people. It's backwards.

But music can be anything you want. There's room for everyone. You need your groovers, and you need your technicians. I'm striving to live on groove street with a good view of technique avenue. Balance.
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