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Default Re: I'm just a "feel" drummer so I don't need technique, right?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
It's all very simple. If you don't develop good technique early then you have a hill to climb if you want to rebuild your grip and stroke. If you wait too long to correct inefficient stroke and grip then it can reach a point where it's not worth the bother, in which case you have no choice but to be a "feel drummer".

From there, as a person resigned to being a feel drummer, you can build financial security in a 9-to-5er and play a few gigs on the side playing "cool" music with other sloppy but spirited would-be musicians.

Meanwhile the players with strong technique are getting most of the gigs with great players, playing tons of godawful pop for the sake of selling drinks to drunks, and enjoying the benefits of a musician's salary, ie. chasing rats around their leaky bedsitters in the wrong part of town ;)
Haha, superb, Grea! This says it all.

Is there something to be said about some technique being imbibed through osmosis, listening, feeling, banging around on a kit after listening to '50 ways'? Or does it always need to be in the context of rudiments, transcriptions, stick control, Berklee, etc.? Manu Katche is a totally illeterate musician, but a highly technical drummer.. ?

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