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Default YANOG! (Yet another New old guy) thread here.

Been lurking for a couple of weeks now, and wanted to say hello to the forum.

Me: I'm 43, and haven't touched a kit since I was 15. :)

When I turned 11, I got a Pearl DX(I think) 5pc set w/Zildjian cymbals as a gift. I played on & off until I gave the set away when I was 15. Moved around quite often, and never had the magic combination of time/money/location to play again.

Fast forward 28 years....... *WOOOSH*

I recently mentioned to a co-worker, who plays drums, that I was thinking of getting into it again. He came back to the office on the next day with a 5pc Groove Percussion set that he said I could keep. It came with some god awful "ProBeats" Cymbals. I know it's not the greatest kit. But hell, it was free. You have no idea how excited I am over this "crappy" setup, and to make some noise again.

I got the drums tuned up, and they don't sound half bad. The cymbals, on the other hand, almost make me want to NOT play at all. (FYI: I'm accepting cymbal donations)

I'm a huge 90's grunge/alternative fan... Foo, Pearl Jam, AIC, Nirvana, Faith No More...
But like plenty of other groups: Beatles, Depeche Mode, Sabbath, Dio, Eminem...

Lessons would be nice. But I haven't had much success yet. The 3 places I tried will only teach children. So I'll probably get a couple of books, and noodle around youtube for now.

Anywho, that's my story...

P.S. Do people paint their Bass Drums anymore? If you see a white Pearl DX(?) with the "Screaming For Vengance" logo on the front, THAT'S MY OLD KIT! :)
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