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Default Will SKB Roto-X Drum Cases fit my set up?

I ordered a custom SJC drum set and I really want to protect them by using hardshell cases when I go out on the road with my band. The sizes of the kit are 22x18 kick drum, 16x16 floor tom, 12x7 rack tom, and 14x8 snare drum. The cases I plan on purchasing are 22x18, 16x16, 12x8, and 14x8. I know it seems like they will fit but I am worried that the cases for the 22x18 and 14x8 will not fit because I ordered those shells to come with Yamaha Style Wood Hoops. I feel that the thickness of the hoops would make the drum a little bit bigger causing them not to be able to fit in the case. I have been to the Guitar Center's in my town and they do not carry any SKB Roto-X Cases so I would not be able to take them down to test them out with my set. Please reply with what you all think. Thank you!

- Preston
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