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Default Re: Another 'electronic vs. acoustic' thread

Originally Posted by New Tricks View Post
The e drums will give you 1000% more practice time. They did for me.

The timing skills certainly skills transfer easily to A's but you will have to learn the subtleties of the acoustics on acoustics.
He speaks the truth!

At least this is my experience too. If your goal is to develop your ability, then get an e-kit and practice at home. It is surprising how well they will help you with most aspects of drum kit practice (especially coordination, which is a really big area of learning when you start, and which you have already noticed is transferable). I practise so much more since I got mine 4 years ago. Whenever I have any free time, I just sit down and play!

That said, you will still need to learn the 'physical'/acoustic aspects of a real kit at some point (especially for jazz); but I think you will know when that is. As you play each week on your teacher's acoustic kit you will begin to notice the differences. Then at some point you will reach a level where you will realise that you're limited by the dynamic range of the e-kit. That's the time to invest in an acoustic kit.

There's my 2 cents. (Easy for me to say, I had acoustic kits for years, angry neighbours and limited practice time at home until the modern range of e-kits became available! I still play acoustic, but that my a-kit is in a rehearsal room 15 miles away).

Good luck.
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