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Wow, lots of great ideas. Thanks all for the info. I did shop tonight with my wife and I am starting a low carb diet (eating plan) starting tomorrow. I do get my exercise between walking, drumming and soon my 10 speed. My blood work is very good but due to my weight my BP is high. I also need to cut out the salt, my downfall. Salted peanuts and a few beers, nothing like it. I do agree it's a lifestyle change and maybe that's why I have failed in the past. I think that part of it has scared me! I have no idea why, maybe it's admitting that I need to change my ways?

Well the journey starts tomorrow, wish me luck. I know I will never get back into my 1970 silver sparkle pants (use them as a headband now lol) I just want to work on it a little at a time.

Thanks again, this is a great place :-)
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