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Default Re: Diets

I don't really feel a diet that feels like a diet works.

There's no way around exercise. It's good to do a little something in the morning to get going. How ever you exercise, don't just do light cardio, but do some strength exercise to build some muscle. And if you do cardio get some sprints in there.

Make your own food so you know what goes into it. It might be wise to change what little wheat you should use to other grains. Spelt, millet, quinoa and oats are generally good choices for most people. Wheat isn't bad just because it's starchy, but mainly because it causes an allergic reaction and slows down the metabolism in most people.

Soft drinks and chips are offcourse out, but that doesn't mean that snacks are out. Just choose some healthy ones. Maybe just have a carrot, an apple or a few raw nuts.

Start making salads a big part of your main meals.

Eat often enough to keep you meatbolism going.

Supp with omega 3.

Don't eat too much in the evening.

Drink lots of water.

Get enough sleep.

No problem with fat, but they should be unrefined and of high quality. Olive oil and a touch of raw butter takes you a long way.

If you need a sweetener use thinks like maple/birch syrup, clear agave or stevia. Just drop the refined sugar all together.

A supplement might be a good idea to be sure to get your vitamins and minerals up to optimum levels, but if you choose to take one make it something really good. Those regular vitamin pills at the grocery store probably do more harm than good.

I wouldn't consider the diet that helped me lose lots of wieght hard. In fact I've hardly eaten better in my whole life. The main thing was to have a plan where it was easier and quicker to make something healthy from scratch.

Don't do weight loss diets. Change your lifestyle and make it enjoyable so you stick with it. Loosinf weight shouldn't be the main concern, that will happen by itself. Just focus on eating well. feeling good and getting healthy .

A diet that is based on depriving you of a basic nutrient can't work long term. It's not balanced. We all have different bodies too, so there is no diet that works for everybody.

In my case I would say that I probably eat carbs as my main nutrient. The thing is though that my carb sources are natural, low glycemic, organic and high in minerals. I eat oats for breakfast. My lunch is often a salad with millet and olive oil-lemon dressing. For dinner with my meat or fish I'll occasionally have a couple of potatoes, but mostly I use a home made spelt-quinoa tortilla. All this is supplemented by lots and lots of my favorite leafy green and other vegetables like bell pepper, onion, cucumber, asparagus and lots and lots of herbs like parsley, cilantro and basil. The veggies are usually raw.

Dairy is no problem for me so I usually throw and egg yolk in my dressing and I use a bit of goats cheese and raw sour cream here and there. In my case all these help my metabolism, but that might not be the case for everyone.

I do a smoothie here and there. That gets a little complicated, but it basically all the sort of super food stuff which you'll learn about if you check out people like David Wolfe, Truth Clkins and Robert Cassar. Not necessary to loose weight, but a good choice if your goal is to stay healthy for a long time.
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