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Default Converting acoustic to electronic; what will I need?

so I have an acoustic set at home; having real heads on them is impossible as I live in an apartment. so I practice with mesh heads.
I wanted to be able to record myself somehow, just to listen to errors/bad accents etc. selling the acoustic set to buy an electronic is not an option, I love my set.
so I'll just convert it with triggers.

I bought the triggers, waiting for them to arrive in my mailbox. it's a cheap 5 pieces DrumDial set, kick/snare/3toms.


1) I assume I need to but a sound module; can that be avoided by buying a sound card for the computer, and plugging the triggers there?
2) can I trigger the cymbals as well? if so, how will I trigger the hats? didn't find any cymbal-specific triggers.
3) I've played on some e-drums in the past. crappy ones had like 4-5 levels of accenting/ dynamics, while expensive ones seemed to be a lot more "physical", with countless accenting levels. what's important to achieve that? is it a result of a good sound module or good triggers?
4) if the answer to #3 is "sound module", how will I be getting accenting if I connect the drums directly to my sound card (if that's possible, of course)?

sorry for the newbish questions, and sorry if I'm in the wrong section.
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