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Default Re: Best Heads for Yamaha Stage Customs?

Originally Posted by Zackpen View Post
It's now time for me to change the heads on kit but I don't know what would really sound the best? Right now there are Remo Coated Ambassadors on it and they sound nice but I'm looking at Evans G2 Coated, any suggestions?
I'm not really sure if any of us are qualified to say what is "best" for you but it might help to know what you're looking for sound-wise.

You say the Ambassadors sound "nice" but without knowing what qualities you're still wanting that the current heads aren't delivering it might be hard to give a yay or nay on switching to G2's.

In general going from one-ply to two-ply coated heads you're looking at very similar tone with slightly less attack and slightly more focus.

I have a birch kit that I've used a multitude of head brands and styles on, from clear Ambassadors, clear EC2, coated G2, Strata 1000, Performance 2, and Modern Vintage and they all sounded good to me but gave totally different sounds and feels.

The trick with selecting any kind of head isn't matching the "best" head for a particular drum, but finding the head that gives you the sound you want to hear for the kind of music you play.

I'd suggest listening to the sound samples available for all of the drumhead makers and keying in to the differences in tone and sustain each kind of head offers and choosing based on which sounds "best" to you.

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