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Default New to the forum and New to drums.

I'm a 25 year old male Living in Jakarta. I started drumming about a year ago, There's a long story about how i picked up but mainly from games and the love for music. I am currently studying drums at a Yamaha school. I came here to look for tips n tricks that could help me with some of my shortcomings and also to find new drum idols.

I am most interested in playing progressive type songs be it jazz,rock,classical,etc and my favourite drummers are mostly from japanese groups and bands mainly because I listen to mostly Japanese songs but I also listen to some english songs with well known drummers. Just to name some from the western side, Dave Weckl, Mike Portnoy, Andrea Vadrucci, Buddy Rich, Bill Bruford; And the Japanese side Akira kawasaki, Akira Jimbo, Kozo Suganuma, drummer from 96 (Composes metal-prog songs for Drum mania game series, their identity is a mystery:(..I think..).

So yeah, I would actually love it if I could be able to play like one of those drummers i've listed but I know it's still a long, looong way before I can begin to even learn anything like what they're playing. I still have to master the basics and rudiments n stuff. Well that's enough about me. Hope to be able to learn something from you guys and one day contribute in one way or another \o/ .
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