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Default Re: My crazy drum kits!

Just love all of the crazy kits … very creative stuff!!!

Today I’m working on the final touches of my own POCO LOCO (little crazy) kit that uses a 13x11 Pearl rack tom as a kick drum.
I have seen a number of these conversions of ultra small toms and the biggest issue seems to be how to mount it for use with a beater.
For me it had to be as easy to use and as portable as the kit, so to that end I worked out a “cradle” that is small, easy to use and stable.
One other advantage is that the Pearl JG16 set works for 16” tom conversions (as designed) and the Rhythm Tech cradle makes using
the 13” tom viable using the Pearl JG16 beater attachment. A single floor tom lug was added to the 13” tom to attach the L rod
and rubber fuel line hose covers the part of the L rod attached to the cradle … works great small detachable and very solid.

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