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Default HXM HD010B kit

Hi everyone, I'm brand new to the drumming world and his forum so please bare with me. I've just bought the HXM HD010B kit for 499 with free drum throne and kick pedal from the Drum Shop in Washington, Newcastle upon Tyne.
I went to the shop looking to most likely buy an Alesis kit, most likely the dm 8 or the dm 10 cos they look a really good kit and more expensive than the one I finally bought. But when I got speaking to the lad in the shop he told me he does all the returns for alesis kits and a lot of things go wrong with them. So with me just starting out he turned my head to the HXM kit, which like I said is cheaper than the ones that I actually had my eye on. I'm the kind of person that probably won't upgrade my kit in the future as I'm just looking to play around and just pretty much self teach myself. I used to play in a band in my younger days as lead guitarist and when we practiced we used to all swap instruments now and again so I can keep a good beat so I'm not going into this not knowing anything about drumming. With probably not going to upgrade at any time I bought this kit as it pretty much has everything I was after, dual snare and Tom pads. Dual cymbals with choke and with it being on offer with free seat and kick pad I really think I've getting a good deal. I know if I had the money I would have rather getting a Yamaha or a Roland but they were out of my price range really. Sorry about the long message but was just wondering really if anyone had played on one of these kits or had heard much about them as there's not much info on the net about them really.

A link the kit I bought.

Cheers everyone.
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