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Default Re: VST vs Module vs Anything else

Thank you everyone. I think I'm starting to understand what it is, and how it's used.

From what has been said here, and what I've learned from my previous research, It looks like picking up a complete kit with it's own module, might be a better start.

After I have a quality set up of rack/frame/pads/pedals...then I'll be able to plug the module into my computer, and go the VST route.

When using a VST, is there much of a difference between a middle of the road module, and a top of the line flagship module? At that point, it only seems like a trigger controller, and just sends the midi info to the comp.

If this is the case, then for instance, I buy a Yamaha. Would I have any differences between their DTX500 line vs the DTX900 line, when using a VST - Addictive or Superior etc? Same for a middle and high end Roland and any others.

I have around $2k that I'm setting aside to get the best kit that I can. Can possibly push that up a little if it's really worth it.

Another kit that I came across, that looks like it is supposed to be released in the US in the next month or so, is the 2box. If I'm understanding the DrumIt5 module correctly, It is almost like having a VST, but within the module. So it will play samples as opposed to synthesized sounds. Along with a vast amount of expansion.

I've not been able to find what the cost of the 2box model will be in the US. Does anyone know if it's near the $2k that I've got? And would it be worth it to get something along these lines?

Something else that I've seen regarding VST's, is that I could get a dedicated netbook or similar, and only use it to run one of the VST's, and keep it mounted to my rack. Would there be any issues with something like this? Given that I could find one with a good amount of ram and processor speed.
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