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Default Re: Brand new Ludwig my heads really suck?

Originally Posted by Swexx View Post
The heads that come with new kits are almost always crap. At least that's been my experience.
That depends mostly on whether the kit is budget, or a company's flagship line. There's a series of pretty cheap heads that come with most lower-priced Asian-made kits, and I'd agree that those need to be replaced immediately. But the better kits tend to feature US-made Evans, Aquarian or Remo heads, and they're also the choice of boutique builders.

The obvious reason for the cheap heads is to keep the price of the kit lower, which is crucial for budget and entry-level gear. In some cases, a set of new American-made heads rivals the cost of the kit! Same goes for cymbals, which can quickly exceed the cost of a "cheap" kit.

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