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Default Re: Brand new Ludwig my heads really suck?

Originally Posted by drums360 View Post
They sound high pitched for 10,12,14" drums even when tuned as low as I can tune them. They came with Medium coated Ludwig heads on top and medium clear heads on the bottom. Even the bass drum sounds muddy.

My question is, do you think it's the Ludwig heads it came with that are making it sound so poor? If so, why would they ship with these heads?
First, understand that "fusion" size toms are only going to tune so low, and with the Classic Maple sharp-ish edge, there's not going to be a lot of warmth or low end from smaller sizes (I still consider 12/13/16 to be standard tom sizes.) But yes, different heads will make a difference, and my CMs still sport older Evans EC2s (the foil ones.) I get a really warm, punchy sound.

Ludwig isn't really known for their heads, and I would normally not recommend them for toms, which rely on the purest tones with nice decay. But on snares and kicks, I've found them to sound great. When I get a new snare or kick, I typically leave the factory heads on, and when I first change them them, then I put Evans on.

But Classic Maple and Legacy ships wirth Ludwig heads because they manufacture them, so it makes sense that Ludwig would use them, As it happens, Ludwig's Keystone series comes with Evans heads, which kinda says something. :)

Ludwig's heads aren't necessarily bad, but there are better choices in most drummers' opinions. And for toms in particular, I'd have to agree.


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