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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

hi all, been visiting from time to time, decided to join, thnx for the add.

Real name? Conrad
Age? 41
How long have you been playing? 25 yrs off and on
Origin of user name? luv to shoot stuff... with my camera :-)
Your top 5 drummers? jeff porcaro, chad smith, dave grohl
Make of drumkit? gretsch renown maple
Make of cymbal? zildjian and sabian
Where do you practice? home
Are you in a band? not at this time
Do you play covers or originals? covers
What style of music? mix
Favourite take out food? chipotle
What country do you live in? usa
One really odd fact about yourself? i get ocd at times
How did you start drumming? just formed a band with my high school friends, not a pro, just a hobby..

heres my kit:

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