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Default Brand new Ludwig my heads really suck?

Just purchased a new Classic Maple kit from Ludwig...Vinnie's configuration (10,12,14 and 22 bass drum). Took 2 months to get them. They look amazing. Was so excited to get them set up and play them. Much to my surprise, I couldn't get any kind of consistent tone out of them. They do not sing as much as I expected them to. They feel tight even though they're not. They sound high pitched for 10,12,14" drums even when tuned as low as I can tune them. They came with Medium coated Ludwig heads on top and medium clear heads on the bottom. Even the bass drum sounds muddy.

I come from playing a 90's-ish Yamaha recording custom kit with coated ambassadors on the top and clear ambassadors on the bottom. Bass drum is a powerstroke 3. My old drums sound amazing compared to these.

My question is, do you think it's the Ludwig heads it came with that are making it sound so poor? If so, why would they ship with these heads? Also, if it is the heads, which ones would you recommend I use on them to get the most tone, warmth and range?

Thanks for your time.

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