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Default Re: Which drum sticks? Nylon or wood tip for V drum mesh heads.

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
No, I wasn't joking. But I wasn't speaking from firsthand experience either. Just repeating what I've heard.
I've got a couple sets of multi-pads, rubber pads, and mesh heads. And while problems might not result from using wood sticks, I wouldn't take the chance with them.
That's just because I've heard people on forums say it's happened to them.
Might not be true - I don't know.
If you use E-drums exclusively I can't really see how your wood tips would develop splinters (I only use 5A sticks and am not a heavy hitter so maybe that's why I've never had any issues).
However, for someone who switches between A and E kits (and uses the same sticks for both) I guess it's possible for the rough edges created by hitting the hi-hat/ cymbals (on the A kit) over time could cause a problem for your mesh heads.
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