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Default Re: Another 'electronic vs. acoustic' thread

Originally Posted by picodon View Post
Nice little tool! Do you have one?

Other things that an e-kit does not teach you: (at least a 1150 Euro TD4 won't)

- Cross sticking: you just switch on "cross stick" mode, set the volume, then all you have to do is hit the rim softly (hitting it harder produces a rim shot).
- Rim shots: most e-kits like my TD4 can simulate rim shots but all you have to do is hit the rim only without hitting the head, which is obviously not as per reality.

And, really, the feel of a mesh head is just not the same as a real head.
I have two actually : )
Totally agree with you on the other points you made about the short-comings of e-drums (fortunately I don't really utilise cross-sticking or rim shots in my playing- even my Roland PD-120 is crap at executing them).
As for mesh heads- definitely not the same feel as mylar but I'll take them over rubber or silicone any day!
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