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Default Re: VST vs Module vs Anything else

vst's sound a million times better. more realistic.. better sounds. more options even.

cons are you need to bring a computer with you wherever you go too. and a midi input.. i own a tascam us-122l and a saffire pro 40 so its not alot of work for me

you can get a cheap midi device for $50 or so ... if you look used there are great deals out there.... your gonna need a pc with a few gigs of ram for your vsts....(most expensive part) and then there is software... Which basically depends on how you feel about pirating software or its a few hundred more bucks

also.. midi can have a few milliseconds of latency but once you get the settings right its not noticeable

I prefer to use the vst's whenever possible as they sound better.. I always use em at home.... but i have an extra computer i keep beside my td20

all modules have midi out.. which you plug into a midi input you select your settings and your going... addictive is pretty good.. also look at superior drummer 2.. that's what i ended up with
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