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Default Re: E-Kit for beginner

Originally Posted by nickadam814 View Post
Im thinking around 400-600 will get me a good beginner e-kit. Any suggestions would be great. Side Note: havent told my parents that im going to start taking lessons on friday, i have asked for a drum set before and they said no. so i think one of my only options is going to be an e-kit, but im going to tell them tomorrow that im going to take this seriously and see what they say
Yay, good for you! Be careful with "seriously" though: if they're anything like me they'll think "Career - yikes!" Try something like "I want to do it properly".

My first kit was a Yamaha DTXplorer or something. I don't know what it cost new because it was a present, but I sold it last Christmas for 250 which I think was rather a lot, as I know somebody who bought one for 180, so I'd imagine you could pick one up for what you have to spend. It did the job, but there are better ones, although they come with a hefty price tag.

Good luck - let us know how you get on :)
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