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Default Re: Do different models of double pedals actually 'feel' different?

Yes, every pedal has a unique feel.

I have only played on a small number of pedals, but from my experience:
- Pearl Demon Drives are smooth, but have a heavy feel (even after adjustments)
- Axis pedals are ultra light in feel, and are super quick. It is a feel that took me months to get used to.
- Yamaha pedals seem to have a bit more of a 'whip' feel to them, at least the ones I've tried.

If you want a fast pedal, you should probably look at models with a direct link as opposed to a chain drive. (Axis, Pearl Demon Drives) And if you want a pedal with power go for a chain driven pedal such as the DWs.

But as PocketfullOfGold said, you really just have to try them out.
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