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Originally Posted by beatsMcGee
i agree with what you wrote totally. i just want to hold some people up on the fact that travis can be someones favorite drummer, even though you know the fact hes not the best, and you dont claim he is, but you still choose him as a fav b/c he is what you looked up to when you started
Here's the thing: You're allowed to have favourite drummers who you don't think are the best drummers in the world. I do. I absolutely love Matt Chamberlain. Is he the best drummer ever? No way. He does one thing - a certain style of groove material - extremely well and a bunch of other things well. But what he does really hits me in the right place creatively. Good stuff.

Is he as good as Vinnie Colaiuta or Dave Weckl? Doubt it. Those guys are insane. But on the other hand, most of the stuff they do leaves me pretty cold. I'd much prefer to listen to Matt's solo album than any of the stuff that Dave or Vinnie have done. I don't think that taking that position is disrespectful to either Matt or Vinnie or Dave. They're all great players and while I can respect what Vinnie and Dave have in terms of facility I enjoy what Matt does with his chops a whole lot more, personally.

So if you want to say Travis Barker is your favourite player because of how much he inspired you to take up playing then I think that's great. I'm only inclined to get riled when people say things like "...cant get much more skilled than travis as far as drums go." - ahem. I mean seriously. You can't get more skilled than that? Way to set the bar low, folks! There's a whole world of skill beyond what Travis has done on record so far. That's not to say you have to enjoy any of it, but denying it is there is rather rude to the people who have spent their lives developing it, no?
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