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Default Re: Pitch-matched sticks - How critical is it?

Originally Posted by Sjogras View Post

Well, I weighed 3 pairs of VF 5a on the kitchen scale, the new ones were all 47g and the slightly used ones were 46g... pretty damn good.

Are other manufacturers this good in making "identical" sticks?
That's an easy calculation. The specific gravity of a wood is its weight in g/cc. Take that and hit the button on your calculator that says "1/x" and that's how many cc's are in a gram. For hickory, the s.g. averages about 0.83, so a gram is 1.2 cc's. A good batch of wood and a CAD/CAM lathe can do that easily. They are expensive, so only the better stick manufacturer's would have them, but VF certainly isn't the only one who can get those results.
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