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Default Bargain sticks=no bargain at all?

As some of you know I've only been drumming for 2 weeks now, but I had to post this. Tell me if I'm over thinking this.

When I bought my first kit at Guitar Center 2 weeks ago the last thing I added to the bill (almost forgetting them) was sticks. I used the logic "If I don't even know how to play, why buy the more expensive sticks?" So I grabbed a pair of GC's brand....sound percussion for $4, and just started playing.

Mine didn't crack or anything like that, but just didn't feel great in my hand. So I went to my local shop last Saturday and grabbed a pair of Vic Firth "American Classic - Rock" for $8. Not only do they feel different in my hand, but they make it easier to play and they even make everything sound better! Is that crazy! I may try different styles and sizes of Vic's, but I'll never pinch pennies when it comes to sticks again. Is this mostly in my head or what?
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