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Default Re: Roland TD10 buying advice

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I realize that's not always an option however. But how cool would that be? To have a sound proofed room to be able to play real drums any time of the day or night? Maybe 15K is low-balling a job like that, but I think that would be a good investment that you do once, and you're always playing real drums, living with no compromises. I think that would be very cool. Again, my apologies to the OP for sorta de-railing the thread ;)
That would be the dream alright but I think 15K might indeed be low-balling to completely/ utterly sound-proof a decent-sized space. Plus it's only feasible if you own your own home and plan on staying for a good number of years (most people only consider e-drums because they're renting a flat/ apartment/ duplex or whatever).
And don't forget, after you've splashed out for this wonderful space, you then need to start building your dream A-kit (only to find you've run out of cash)! : )

Originally Posted by Colorado_scott View Post
Thanks for the comments. The TD10 does not have the module, and I priced at $450+! (Ouch). I have offered $800 and the person wants $900. This is tough, as I could come back with $850 and it would be done, but I could use the $850 on a newer kit and perhaps be happier. I usually have no trouble making decisions but this one is difficult.
I think you'll be happy enough with the TD-10 and associated kit Scott but of course the TD-20 is better and the TD-30 is better again (but of course the price goes up exponentially).
You may find you hate e-drums altogether and would be kicking yourself if you shelled out for a flagship model so I think the TD-10 is a good "starter kit" for you.
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