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Default Re: Bucket drum riser, anyone?

I made one last fall. Haven't gigged with it yet though. I've been procrastinating getting a black skirt to hide the buckets.

I started with two pieces of plywood that's one inch thick. (I glued two half inch pieces face-to-face.) I cut them down to three feet by six feet to make a 6x6 platform. I joined the two pieces with a piano hinge. I decided that I didn't need it to be that big so I cut it down to about 5x5 1/2. Later I cut it up again into three sections that are joined by latches. I did this so that I'm able to move it by myself.

I screwed the lids to the top so that they are evenly spaced.

It's sturdy enough for me, but I'm just average height and not what you would call a basher. It took me parts of three weekends to finish it. The main reason I did it this way was for portability. I can set it up myself in about five minutes.

I started with nothing and still have most of it left.
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