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Default Re: Roland TD10 buying advice

Originally Posted by toddmc View Post
Bo, it's not so much about the QUANTITY of sounds one can fit onto a module but the QUALITY of said sounds plus their ability to emulate A-kits.
No-one would spend thousands of dollars on a brand new TD-30 module just because it had a couple of new sounds on it that previous models lacked would they?
However they would shell out their hard-earned if the new module promised better functionality in all aspects (ie better triggering, more realistic sounds, etc).
Generally speaking, most e-drummers want their E-kits to sound (and feel) as close as possible to A-kits, so as the technology improves to reach this goal, we feel the need to update.
A-kits are already A-kits (duh) and the basic shell/ head design has remained the same for hundreds (??) of years. There's not a thing that can be done to them to "update" the sound (yes, I know you can change heads/ shells/ etc but generally speaking) so A-drummers don't have that need to keep up with the latest technology.
I get it, I really do. I suppose I'm coming around with a back-handed way of arguing for acoustic drums again.

On the one hand, I like my TD10 module linked with my Zendrum. I suppose my thought process behind it is that it isn't real, so although I can get close to an acoustic drum sound, I don't care that much about it being the latest-greatest acoustic drum sound, because it isn't a real acoustic instrument anyway. I was more than willing to stick with an even more ancient Roland R8 machine but once I tried this TD10, it opened some more doors, sonically. But at the end of the day, they're not real drums, so it's ok if they don't exactly replicate acoustic drums.

And I understand the argument that not everybody can practice and make as much noise as they want like I (and many others) do, so the eKit has its place. But when you're in Roland V-drum territory and you're on the constant upgrade path, one wonders if you couldn't have done the Shawn Pelton thing and sound-proofed your apartment, or built a soundproof room onto your house, for the same amount of money. I think by the time you've moved into your third V-drum kit (providing you stayed on the flagship models) you could've spent that money on acoustically treating your walls and ceilings and maybe even sand-loading the floor ;)

I realize that's not always an option however. But how cool would that be? To have a sound proofed room to be able to play real drums any time of the day or night? Maybe 15K is low-balling a job like that, but I think that would be a good investment that you do once, and you're always playing real drums, living with no compromises. I think that would be very cool. Again, my apologies to the OP for sorta de-railing the thread ;)
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