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Default Re: The death of retail music stores

I'd love to take a drive up to Philly Drums sometime when I have some cash to spend and a buddy to tag along.

Right now I'm using Sam Ash, which is still an annoying drive. The best thing I can say about them is occasionally they get some great used cymbals. I was eyeing a nice Bosphorus ride last time I was there, and it was real cheap. Gotta save up, though.

The closest thing to me is a George's Music with a great crew but almost no drum gear. I just go there for sticks and maybe heads, but they don't have too many. They mainly have odds and ends like practice pads and cymbal felts. It's really a nice shop, though. I ordered some pairs of Vater Nudes from them because I just don't like being in that Sam Ash and I wanted to give them my business. Anyway, now they stock those same pair sticks, and I come in every now and again to pick 'em up. Fantastic.

They do have lots of guitars, and I know we have some multi-instrumentalists on the forum. If you're in the Philly/ King of Prussia area, seriously check them out.
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