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I keep killing my snare wires. I had some Tama ones on there (judging by the fact it said Star Classic on the logo I'd guess that they usually come with those drums) and a few days ago they started with this horrid screeching sound. I took them off, checked my tuning, put them back on, tried to make the as straight as possible, but no matter what, the snares either sound like a paper bag or a dying cat. I cut off the ones that looked very damaged and it helped a tiny bit.

Any suggestions on more durable wires? I don't think tuning is the issue, it could be my strainer. Being a UMC snare I don't even know where to begin finding parts to fix it.
You say that you "keep" killing your snare wires. How often does this happen and what different wires have you tried? Most companies make different wires in terms of quality, such as Tama, Pearl and Puresound. Do you hear that screeching noise when the throw off is engaged or just when playing the drum? Is your snare head (resonant head) scratched or shows signs of damage? How tight do you have your wires?

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