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Default The latest Iron Cobra 900's

Hi everyone, my first post on the forums so here goes! :)

I've been looking at reviews for a long time now and I've decided to make a move on the iron cobra power glides (900) model. However after looking online at various shops it seems they all display slightly different styles of images, which got me wondering, will some be selling more up to date versions?

I looked on tama's website and found that the last release of the 900's was in 2011 and look like picture 3 in the below image.

However I've also seen the exact same name 'HP-900PSWN' next to pictures 1 and 2. I've quickly put some arrows on there to show the differences. I know they are only visual but I'm worried a later version might have some better hardware on it and l might be purchasing an older version.

This is where I want to buy them from as they have the best price. The picture doesn't match the newest version on tama's site.

Also I'm wondering if the pedal comes with the 'cobra coil' on the latest model of the double pedal. It looks like they have them in the pictures but would like to know from someone who has purchased them recently. I can't seem to find a direct answer online.

If anyone can shed some light on this topic it would be awesome.
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