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Default VST vs Module vs Anything else

I started drumming a couple years ago with a pretty cheap electric kit. Over the last few months though, I've become a lot more serious about it, and have joined the worship team at my church.

I'd like to get a new kit for home, and will definitely be going electric. The two sets at my church are both acoustic. I'd like it to be as much like an acoustic as possible in feel, but not necessarily looks.

I've been researching, going to the stores, and trying to dig into it as much as I can.

I just can't get past whether it's better to go with a module, or using something like Addictive drums or whatever. Or whether I should get a set with a module, and use software on top of that.

What are the pro's and con's of each, and why would someone choose one over the other? And is there a big difference in the end cost to get everything up and running? Then also, do the actual pads/triggers/cymbals matter for triggering software? Are things just more compatible with the module that goes with it? I guess I'm just a little lost with regards to these different types of set ups.
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