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Default Do different models of double pedals actually 'feel' different?

Obviously the best way to find this out would be to try them out myself, but I have to make an extremely long journey to my nearest drum shop in order to try them, and there's no guarantee they'd have the models I'm interested in stock.

So this is more a general question - do different top end double pedals (or single pedals for that matter) actually feel different?

I think I remember one review where the reviewer said that some pedals were 'wired' for a light and quick feel , and some felt more solid and powerful...

If that is so, can you guys give some sort of continuum so I know which models feel lighter and quicker (eg. Iron Cobra? DW5000?), and which feel heavier and more powerful (eg. Demon Drive? Mapex models?)?

Thanks in advance!!
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