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Default Re: Where are you? (when you log in)

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
At the office (rather, the room where my PC is).
Which is the room where I'm working (doing translations).
Which is where I have a double pedal placed under my PC desk so I can practice a few hours a day (while doing other stuff 'upstairs').

I might check DW from another PC extremely seldom when having issues with my own PC which happens once a year or so. Never had a smartphone so the PC is the only way I've been accessing DW.

To add handwork I'd put up a pad on the PC desk in addition to the double pedal - when practicing to tutorials or watching online lessons, sometimes I'd add a 2nd hihat (made from cracked cymbals which I cut down). My regular drumkit is set up in a different room (my homestudio/music room) a few meters away.
Never heard of someone who practises as much as you and all over the house. I am jealous and your hands and feet are obviously incredible because of it. And the modified cymbals- I bet you eat your breakfast out of the bell of a ride cymbal :).
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