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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by Benfordrum View Post
Would you guys mind checking out my playing? Kinda loud because the speakers to the crowd were on the other side, but heres the link. Do i remind you guys of anyone?
Man you play very good, you swing! I like how you bring out the sound of the hats in the groove...a la Art Blakey...i love that intention.
But if i can make you a constructive critic, i would say that you have to be careful to keep that energy for all the have to bite till the last moment of the tune and even more...i tell you this because i heard the tempo a little slower at the end...that is because the energy was not constant...i think it's better to arrive at the end with the tempo a little faster than a little slower.
Please this is a constructive critic, just think about that when you play, and you'll get a lot more.
Go ahead and i wish you all the best.
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