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Default Roland TD10 buying advice

Hi all, this is my first post in this forum. I'd like some advise on purchasing some 13 year old Roland TD10 drums. I have not played for 20 years although my Car steering wheel takes a daily beating as does most anything that's near me when I hear a song I like. A few days back I decided to start looking for some electric drums, which I have had before - 20 years ago. These were the rubber pad type with a reasonable electronic head, I think Yamaha, but not positive.

There are several for sale on Craig's list in my area. My question is this; one set is a 13 year old Roland TD10 kit. It's way better than I had, yet very outdated. If I were to buy and decide to sell again down the road I'm sure it would be worth very little. The seller is asking $1500 and tells me he's willing to listen to any offer. We both know they are not worth $1500. I am thinking to offer $900. I have played them and all seems in working order. Should I look for a more recent set and pay $1500 - $2000 or do you think this just might be worth $900 if he accepts that offer?

Thanks for any comments.
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