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Default Re: Where are you? (when you log in)

At the office (rather, the room where my PC is).
Which is the room where I'm working (doing translations).
Which is where I have a double pedal placed under my PC desk so I can practice a few hours a day (while doing other stuff 'upstairs').

I might check DW from another PC extremely seldom when having issues with my own PC which happens once a year or so. Never had a smartphone so the PC is the only way I've been accessing DW.

To add handwork I'd put up a pad on the PC desk in addition to the double pedal - when practicing to tutorials or watching online lessons, sometimes I'd add a 2nd hihat (made from cracked cymbals which I cut down). My regular drumkit is set up in a different room (my homestudio/music room) a few meters away.

(EDIT: I forgot to mention the 'restroom setup' - a Ludwig P4 practice pad & a pair of sticks - which I permanently have for... just in case. And those cases keep recurring several times a day, haha...)

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